Expert Check

Expert Check

Expert Check is comprehensive inspection of your machine. Expert Check is a service that enables you to focus on your core business and rely on your machine.

The first John Deere Forestry standardized check lists for Expert Check were originally published in 2017. Since then, John Deere certified technicians have checked hundreds of wheeled cut-to-length machines and provided expert advice to customers. Now, as a result of our continuous development, we are introducing Expert Check 2.0. 

Based on data collected and experience gained, the check points are even more specified and precise to provide exact information about the machine condition. There are 150-200 inspection points, depending on the machine. Expert Check 2.0 does more than just rely on hands-on inspections to localize mechanical breakdown risks. More focus is put on operational testing and test driving, which improves the inspection efficiency and the accuracy of the findings.  

The Expert Check 2.0 test drive can also be performed as a part of Tuning Day to ensure reliability and efficient daily work. As a result, you will be given a list of findings that you can share with all machine operators and ensure that the valuable information reaches everyone. The findings can be used as a base for the Tuning Day machine optimization. Tuning Day can be included as part of a TimberCare Service Agreement or purchased separately. 

A complete Expert Check 2.0 inspection takes approximately four hours and is always done in service facility, but there is also a lighter version that can be done in the forest. And, of course,  Expert Check 2.0 can still be included in a TimberCare Service Agreement, just like the previous version.

Regardless of your location, Expert Check always has the same John Deere standardized content.

Expert Check is performed by a John Deere trained technician who has access to our latest special tools, applications and knowledge. No one knows John Deere forest machines better than we do. Our wide service network continuously provides feedback from all markets and the findings are shared with others, so our technicians are always up to date if there are some machine areas that need special attention.  

John Deere has developed several sophisticated tools and programs to assist technicians in their work – and the results have led to improved uptime and reliability.

An Expert Check inspection provides you with a comprehensive report about your machine’s condition. If any aspect requiring attention is discovered, you will always get a list of the findings and an offer for repair. Expert Check enables you to concentrate on your core business with the confidence that your machine is fully operational and potential breakdowns have been taken care before causing any down time.  

John Deere Expert Check includes

  • Operational tests and test drive
  • Comprehensive machine report
  • Advice on machine optimization and settings
  • Free quote on subsequent repair work and exchange of wear parts
  • Direct consultation and information on field kits and attachments. 

Text: Antti Ketvell, In The Forest 2/2021