A fixed cabin for forwarders

John Deere is offering a fixed cabin alternative to the rotating and leveling cabins for our forwarders. The fixed cabin has a completely new structure but the seats and control panels are the same as in the rotating cabins. The interior is made of durable, high quality materials.

The fixed cabin has a low center of gravity which gives a steady feeling on the operator's seat. The large windows ensure excellent visibility in all directions, also close to the machine and its tires. The cabin lays on rubber mountings under each corner to minimize vibrations and cab oscillation. The noise level of the cab is low and in line with the rotating cabs.

The fixed cabin is spacious with plenty of storage room. Accessories inside the cab include a food heater and an electrically powered WAECO TropiCool TC-07 cooler which helps keep the lunch fresh and beverages cool. Most cab accessories are also available for the fixed cab.

The fixed cabin is an economical, high-quality alternative for John Deere forwarders.

  • Spacious and quiet
  • Good visibility
  • All windows made of clear polycarbonate
  • Rotating seat, the same models as used in rotating cabs 
  • Air conditioning with automatic temperature and fan control
  • Good ergonomics and comfortable operator environment
  • Control system either High Spec PC, XM PC or Command Center
  • Display fixed on the rear panel