Extended Protection for Riding Lawn Equipment Mowers

We've Got You Covered



We’ve Got You Covered

Buy a new X100, X300 or, X500 or Z300 Series lawn tractor and extend the standard 2-year protection to 3 years (X100 or Z300 Series) or even 4 years (X300 or X500 Series) with our special offer.


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Extend the statutory warranty of your X100, X300/ X500, or Z300/Z500 mower

Your statutory warranty covers unlimited hours for the first 2 years. If you get your machine serviced by a participating authorized John Deere dealer according to the maintenance schedule specified in the operator’s manual, you obtain an additional warranty from that dealer, which extends your coverage as follows: 3 years (or 120 hours) for X100, 3 years (or 200 hours) for Z300 Series, 4 years (or 300 hours) for X300 Series, 4years (or 500 hours) for X500 Series, or 4 years (or 300 hours) for Z500 – whichever comes first.
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* For private consumer use only. For commercial use the selling John Deere dealer’s warranty policy applies. Additional cost for service & inspection may apply and will be charged by dealer according to the dealer’s pricing schedule.