Terms and Conditions

Dear customer,

Thank you for visiting John Deere Financial's terms and conditions webpage. When finance agreements start, we post a welcome letter and a copy of the agreement schedule to you.

In the right hand footer of your copy agreement schedule you'll see a unique code. An example code is JDFEPPS/AG/001/0814. The unique code comes after the letters AG - in this example 001/0814.

copy of Finance agreement

Please review your copy agreement schedule to find your unique code. You can now enter this code into the box below, to obtain a PDF copy of your terms and conditions. A Data Privacy Notice applies to all finance agreements that have a start date on or after 25th May 2018. This Notice is in addition to your terms and conditions. To view the latest Data Privacy Notice, please enter code 005/0121.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact John Deere Financial on 01452 372255 to speak to our Customer Care Team.

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