Generator Drive Applications: Stage V / Final Tier 4 Engines

You can count on John Deere PowerTech™ generator drive engines to start in the morning, operate efficiently all day, and work reliably for many years. But pure product performance isn’t the strongest thing about working with John Deere. It’s the confidence of having the John Deere integration and support network at your side every step of the way.


Prime or standby power

John Deere generator drive engines are ready when and where you need them. They provide fast response for standby situations and exceptional load recovery in a wide variety of applications.

The power of choice

Why build your gen-set around someone else’s engine? With John Deere, you get a wide range of configurations and accessories so you can specify the right generator drive engine that best fits your application. Our preconfigured options can save you hours of engineering time and help you get machines to market faster.

Integration assistance

You get expert integration assistance provided by John Deere engineers and distributors. OEMs can put our application engineering experience and know-how to work to save development time and money.

Customer support

With more than 4,000 John Deere service locations worldwide, you never have far to go to find expert assistance and advice.

Fast parts delivery

Our distributors and dealers stock maintenance parts, as well as many other common replacement parts, to meet your service needs quickly. Our worldwide parts distribution system also provides overnight delivery in most regions.


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Proven performance

Off-highway experience

John Deere has billions of hours of field experience with off-highway engine technologies.

We use an exhaust system strategy that is designed to be transparent to the operator, without impacting machine performance.  Our proven aftertreatment solution has logged more than 1 billion hours of operation on hundreds of internal and external OEM applications.

Load acceptance

Tailored turbocharging technology provides exceptional load acceptance and block loading capability.

Engines with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) deliver up to eight times better transient response than non-EGR engines. The potential energy transferred through EGR is immediately available to the turbo to generate boost.

Reliable uptime

Day-to-day reliability

John Deere engines feature top-liner cooling, efficient lubrication, and robust cooling systems for reliable operation.

Long-haul durability

Heavy-duty, oversized components and wet-type cylinder liners provide long engine life.

John Deere engines are designed for rugged applications.

Extreme conditions

John Deere engines are built to operate in hot and dry, subzero, and humid climates as well as high altitudes. The engine control unit (ECU) monitors and protects engine components in these extreme conditions.

In regions where fuel quality may vary, John Deere protects the engine with two-stage fuel filtration and water detection.

Efficient operation

Fuel efficiency

The efficient design of the John Deere combustion chamber with high-ring pistons helps reduce fuel consumption.

Less DEF

Use of cooled EGR reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) out of the engine. This enables the use of a smaller selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system and lower diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumption. John Deere engines with EGR use 1 to 3 percent less DEF compared to non-EGR engines.

Low-idle capability

Reduces fluid consumption and decreases wear during transport or startup and shutdown checks.

Life cycle costs

Reliable operation, low maintenance, long engine life, and exceptional fluid economy lead to low cost of operation with John Deere engines.

Easy integration

Preconfigured power units

 John Deere engine packages come with mounting pads, cooling package, and air filter for ease of design and installation.

Dual frequency

Manufacturers that need 50 Hz and 60 Hz power can switch between 1500 and 1800 rpm without reprogramming.

The majority of John Deere Stage V engines are RoHS compliant for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in the EU.