• 6-cylinder, 7.4 l engine, 175 kW/238 hp max Power
  • 6-walker with 1,330 mm channel width
  • Total active separation area: 0.62 m²
  • Total cleaning shoe area: 4.50 m²
  • Comfortable big cab with 3.30 m² total volume and with 73 dB(A) one of the quietest cab
  • Coloured touchscreen Display (8:3 ratio dual zone) with two configurable views and new 45 degree angled joystick

Built for performance, fitted for comfort

With a total volume of 3.30 m3 the cab sets the standard for this size class of combines. The 73 dB(A) noise level also makes it one of the quietest cabs in this size class. The new armrest and hydrohandle have a superb ergonomic design. The new automotive-style colour touchscreen display with 8:3 display aspect ratio enables a dual zone touchscreen which can show key performance and machine information at the same time.