S-Series. The 75 Tonne Combine


The John Deere S-Series combines can harvest 75 tons per hour with less than 1% broken grain. The S-Series impresses with its exceptional uptime, comfort and versatility with a host of precision ag options.

It's not hard to see why the S Series has more sales worldwide than any other model. Even new operators can work as productively as seasoned professionals thanks to the simple and intuitive setup coupled with an array of automated features to maximise efficiency and output.

Learn all about John Deere's S-Series combine harvester models here and find the right machine for your operations.

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The S-series combine harvesters: increasing utilization by up to 20%

Combine Advisor

The adaptive automation tools on John Deere combines make it possible to increase utilisation of installed capacity by up to 20%, regardless of who is driving.


  • "Switching to HDX brought a further improvement of about 12%"

    Alan Cook

    The switch to the new HD40X, the S-Series articulated sliver cutter, results in extreme increases in throughput.

    Alan Cook
    • 455 (335) max. power (ECE R120), hp (kW)
    • Rotor length: 3.124 mm
    • Total sieve box area, with/without top sieve *: 5,90/5,20
    • Grain tank: 14.100
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    • 547 (402) max. power (ECE R120), hp (kW)
    • Rotor length: 3.124 mm
    • Total sieve box area, with/without top sieve *: 5,90/5,20
    • Grain tank: 14.100 (10,600 L for HM)
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    • 579 (426) max. power (ECE R120), hp (kW)
    • Rotor length: 3.124 mm
    • Total sieve box area, with/without top sieve *: 5,90/5,20
    • Grain tank: 14.100 (10,600 L for HM)
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    • 625 (460) max. power (ECE R120), hp (kW)
    • Rotor length: 3.124 mm
    • Total sieve box area, with/without top sieve *: 5,90/5,20
    • Grain tank: 14.100 (10,600 L for HM)
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S series brochure

The S-Series Combine harvester brochure

Experience the details that make the S-Series stand out – take a look at the S-Series product brochure.

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S-Series John Deere combine models: Features and functions at a glance

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Belt cutter bars with articulated joint

Our new range of articulated belt cutters boosts the performance of the S-Series. They offer better ground hugging than other harvesting headers, and their unique, extra-deep conveyor belts with trickle protection catch every grain.

The distance from the reel to the knife bar can be adjusted up to 1,110 mm on the HDX. This prevents trickle losses in high-volume crops such as canola, because the reel only engages the crop when it is directly above the trickle protection belts.

You can find all the information and details on our standard cutterbars (600R, 600F and 600x), up to the model with active crop transport by feeder belts, in our offer on harvesting attachments.

High intake capacity with large, inclined conveyors

The large, inclined conveyor is capable of significant power increases when combined with the latest belt cutting units. The rugged, heavy-duty design can easily provide up to 275hp (202 kW) – enough to feed 18-row corn pickers and grain headers with a width of 13m or more.

- 20% faster with crops lying on the ground

The angle and height of the incline conveyor can be seamlessly adjusted on the fly, and pre-set positions can be stored using the height feedback buttons. This allows you to drive without problems, even in tough conditions.

- Optimum view of the harvesting attachment

With the long-inclined conveyor, you have the best view of the crop header feed. The crop flow is also more even, with less grain breakage and straw damage.

- High-performance header

Mechanically driven 135hp reverser - the most powerful on the market. It can remove even the heaviest clods without leaving the cab.

- Instant stop

When you need to stop quickly, the clutch on the main drive gearbox opens, and because of their low inertia, all drives stop immediately.


The S-Series has one of the largest rotors on the market (724 mm diameter and 3,124 mm length) which gives it an unbeatable threshing performance. It also features active concave damping. This gives a 10% performance advantage in high-yielding crops or when the feed is uneven. The threshing concave can be adjusted significantly as a result.

  • Full rotor loading
  • Gentle threshing
  • Inertia separation with high centrifugal force

Cleaning with low losses – Dyna-Flo™

The Dyna-Flo™ Plus screen box has a number of unique features that require far fewer operator adjustments. This ensures excellent grain quality for all crops and conditions.

- Increased throughput

The surface area has been increased by 12% compared to previous models and is more than sufficient for the large throughputs of modern sliver cutters.

- Inclination-independent augers

The augers prevent lateral movement of the grain and ensure uniform loading of the sieve box. In the case of moist and sticky crops such as rapeseed, they are also self-cleaning, eliminating the need for corresponding maintenance work and increasing operating time.

Better - and less losses: < 1% broken grain

Independent research* has shown that combines with 1% broken grain in the tank lost another 1% broken grain through the sieve box. Gentle threshing and minimal contact of the grain with metal surfaces help to minimise losses and maximize profit per hectare.

- Less broken grain

Losses in the field can significantly reduce your yield per hectare and can go completely unnoticed by you. For example, on a wheat field with a yield of 10 t/ha and a price of €200/t, reducing the amount of broken grain in the tank from 3% to less than 1% can result in savings of up to €40 per hectare. For a farm with 500 hectares of wheat, this adds up to €20,000 per year. Because broken grain does not germinate, these losses remain hidden as there are no green streaks on the field from germinating plants. You will never notice the loss when you check your field the following year. Several design innovations contribute to the outstanding grain quality: the low speed of the large diameter rotors, grain on grain threshing, rubber paddles on the grain and sweep elevators, as well as the special active sweep system.


Combine Advisor™ lets you automatically achieve consistently high harvest quality under all harvesting conditions. Digital cameras mounted in the grain and overshoot elevators continuously measure grain quality and the amount of foreign material to enable automatic, real-time adjustments. This ensures that set targets are achieved without the need for operator intervention. Combine Advisor™ is directly linked to the HarvestSmart™ system, which controls the combine's harvesting speed. If the desired result cannot be achieved with the configured settings, the combine speed is slowed down. If conditions improve, the speed of the combine is increased.

Reliable - more time for your harvest

With an S-Series combine in your team, you'll complete a greater number of tasks in less time, even with narrow harvest windows. It's designed to save you time.

- Easy maintenance

A large swing-open engine door with step ladder and landing provides easy access to major engine components. There are also multiple on-board air compressor tapping points, so you can thoroughly clean the machine at the end of the day.

- Fast transfers

Trips from one field to another can be made in a very short time thanks to the ProDrive™ 40 km/h continuously variable transmission.

- Low maintenance requirements

No places that need daily lubrication and fewer chains (2) and belts (23) than other combines with comparable throughput. There are only 15 lubrication points every 50 hours of operation, one every 200 hours and 19 every 500 hours.

- Efficient grain transport

Larger models are equipped with a 14,100-litre grain tank, and with an unloading rate of 135 l/s, refuelling takes only 90 seconds.

- Mobile productivity apps

With our suite of mobile apps, you can monitor and adjust combine settings in real time from any device. You can also manage your jobs and fleet logistics remotely for greater harvesting efficiency and receive alerts of potential problems.

Comfort for long harvest days

The S-Series driving environment with its logical layout and thoughtfully arranged controls counteracts the stress of long workdays in the field. Configurable screens, clickable steering system and harvest automation tools such as Combine Advisor™ guarantee excellent results. Add an air-suspended seat, a large refrigerator and Bluetooth® connectivity to this and the result is a great workplace where you simply feel at home.

- Quiet spacious cab

The anti-glare coating on the glass provides a clear view of all the important areas from the ends of the harvesting attachment to the top of the discharge tube. And there's no shortage of operator comfort either. The Super Comfort seat is fully adjustable and features an activated carbon cover. This absorbs moisture and ensures that you always feel fresh. Even when you swivel the seat from side to side, the CommandARM™ follows you, keeping all controls within easy reach. Furthermore, additional screens can be added to the pillars without obstructing the operator’s view.

- Intuitive displays

Clear, icon-driven menus and programmable buttons provide straightforward operation and allow personalisation for each operator.

- Stress-free emptying

Machine Sync is a powerful solution of the so-called "machine-to-machine" (M2M) communication, allowing you to network multiple machines and control them synchronously.

- Grain transport at high speed

Thanks to the combination of a huge 14,100-litre grain tank and a refuelling speed of 135 l/s, you can fully concentrate on harvesting. In total, it takes just over 90 seconds to refuel 11 tons of grain. In addition, we have increased the discharge pipe height by 30cm for trailers with a high tailboard, and you can choose between different discharge pipes of up to 8.7m in length.

Automation ensures high performance

Automatic control systems ensure consistent performance and less broken grain. Research involving many different combine operators has shown that the use of available capacity can be increased by up to 20%* on average. That's no surprise, since there are so many variables that require constant manual adjustment. The good news is that the S-Series combine adaptive automation tools do the job for you. These easy-to-set-up tools do not only help you to choose the optimal settings, they also take care of it automatically. Now, operators don't have to make constant adjustments to changing conditions and can focus on managing the harvest.

- Interactive combine setting

Drivers simply follow an interactive menu guide that recommends settings based on harvesting priorities (losses, grain quality, broken grain and dirt content, straw quality). The function even suggests external adjustments for the combine. The objective is to communicate the desired result to the combine: loss rate, grain and straw quality, and grain tank cleanliness. All this contributes to an optimised combine setting.

- Combine Advisor™

Once the machine has calculated the result required by the farm, Combine Advisor™ takes over. The system automatically makes adjustments in order to achieve the desired work quality and maximum throughput. No operator input is required, eliminating additional stress and ensuring optimal harvesting throughout the day.

- HarvestSmart™

This automatic speed adjustment system allows you to operate the combine close to the throughput or loss limit by automatically adjusting its speed to maximize the desired performance levels set by AutoMaintain. It records multiple calibration points over the typical operating range at different speeds and throughput levels. This significantly improves sensitivity to different conditions and enables a precise control.



A PowerGard™ service package spreads your maintenance costs.

Precision Farming

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