High quality corn headers

Wide range of widths and row spacings

Corn heads available in a wide range of widths and row spacings

Our high quality corn headers are made in Germany by Geringhoff. Available in a wide range of widths and row spacings to match your combine’s capacity, these heads can run at high ground speeds in all conditions.  Designed for minimal maintenance, the secret to Geringhoff’s legendary durability is the precision engineered gearboxes, which utilise an internal self-adjusting slip clutch to protect the unit’s moving parts.

Modular drive system

Durable and low maintenance

Instead of connecting row units with a continuous driveshaft, there are gearboxes with Centaflex couplings and Zerol gearing between each row unit. They take the stress out of the driveline and ensure reliable harvesting. Rotors and knives are also protected with a hard wearing tungsten carbide steel coating. The low-maintenance design of the modular drive system doesn’t require chains or belts. Driven by tough, aluminium gear boxes, these low power drivetrains help save fuel and increase efficiency.

Large, tall crop dividers smoothly lift the cobs into the machine

Smooth feeding

Perfect at picking up down corn, the large, tall crop dividers smoothly lift the cobs into the machine. The unique integrated slip clutch automatically tensions the gathering chains which require no re-adjustment. The rotors pull the material down with eight sharp and durable tungsten carbide coated edges, effortlessly destroying the maize plant and creating less work for the chopper for low fuel, low power results. The smooth feeding performance is also assisted by a consistent diameter and speed across the full width of the rotor, as well as large, adjustable intake augers.

Easy adjustment to different crops within seconds

Fast crop-to-crop conversion

The header can be adjusted within seconds for different crops. For instance, the crop divider settings can be changed by simply turning a wheel by hand. The chain-to-chain distance adjustment is also conveniently placed next to the intake auger. The gathering chains are automatically tensioned and switching from corn to sunflower is simple. If you want to change the header speed, an optional 2 and 4-speed gearbox is available.

Number of RowesRow width, cmWorking width, mHorizontal chopperVertical chopper

4, 6, 8, 12 or 16

70, 75 or 80

2,80 to 12,80

Mais Star SC, Mais Star Horizon, Horizon Star II

Rota Disc, Horizon Star II