Cutterbar categories: Important information at a glance

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Combine harvester cutterbar: Active feeding

In a combine harvester header with active feeding the crop is fed by a belt. This means there is no need to compromise on table length. The PremiumFlow cutterbars bring the crops upwards on a belt to the intake auger, which transports it directly into the inclined conveyor.

In a Draper cutterbar, the crop falls onto a conveyor belt, which runs towards the centre and transports the crop to the intake drum so it enters the combine with the ears first.

The Draper cutterbar, and all other combine cutterbars with active feed, can be found in the product overview on this page. See all the benefits and features and find a distributor near you.

Combine cutterbar: Passive feed

In a passive-feed cutterbar, gravity places the crop directly onto the cutterbar table. The stainless steel intake plates ensure an even crop flow towards the intake auger, which transports the crop towards the centre and into the combine.

Special harvesting attachments and corn heads

Geringhoff corn heads harvest at high speed – even for stored corn thanks to their optimal adaptation to the throughput of your combine – and have legendary longevity even with minimal maintenance.

The 615P belt pickup is equipped with a double belt feed system and wind protection, which makes it the ideal solution for sensitive crops and locations that do not allow immediate processing.

And with a cutterbar trolley, you can transport your cutterbar easily and safely anywhere.

All information about the cutterbar trolley and other special attachments can be found in the product overview below.

Technical service 24/7

The competent service technicians from the John Deere sales partner network guarantee constant availability during the harvest. Get instant delivery of required spare parts for your John Deere cutterbar.

Find your perfect cutterbar - John Deere combine harvester attachments at a glance

Looking for a Geringhoff corn head or want to test the revolutionary hydraFlex of the 600FD series? In John Deere's wide range, you will find the right combine cutterbar and other harvesting attachments for your desired product – including all the important information on equipment and function. Simply find the right one in the list.

Cutterbars with active crop feeding

  • HD Series

    HD Series

    The HD-Series combines highly efficient crop feeding, excellent ground adjustment and perfectly even stubble on regular and irregular grounds.

  • RDF Series

    RDF Series

    Perfect ground adjustment with flexible knife bars and a clean cut at high harvesting speeds.

  • 700D Series

    700D Series

    Faster harvesting and a cleaner cut with less vibration. This is enabled by the double blade system and the HydraFloat harvesting attachment of the 700D series.

Cutterbars with passive crop feeding and special harvesting attachments

  • 700X Series

    700X Series

    The 700X series multi-grain harvesting attachment sets a new standard for harvesting different types of grain under difficult operating conditions.

  • 600R Series

    600R Series

    The 600R series harvesting attachments have many premium features integrated as standard.

  • 600F Series

    600F Series

    A clean cut through all crops, despite uneven ground - that's the 600F series. Even with lodged crops, the harvesting attachment works with minimal losses.

  • BP15 Series

    BP15 Series

    The perfect solution for sensitive crops and locations where weather conditions do not allow for immediate processing.

  • Corn heads

    Corn heads

    Our corn heads are manufactured in Germany by Geringhoff and are known for their legendary durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

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