Next-level comfort and efficiency

You’ve got to experience this tractor line-up in person. Experience first-hand the productivity, precision, and comfort these machines will bring to your business. Call your dealer now for an exhilarating test drive.

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Time to upgrade to proven performance!

Look at the outstanding performance the John Deere 6215R delivered in the latest test.*

Get more done with less fuel!


Section control

What do you expect from a top-notch display? If you’re thinking support for up to 255 sections and full ISOBUS AEF certification – great, we’ve got that. And if you also feel that Variable Rate Control and Telematics should be standard on your tractor, you’re looking at the right machine. For advanced Precision Agriculture, there is no way around the John Deere 6R, 7R and 8R Series Tractors.

Looking for even more comfort?

Our large tractors are packed with features that add the extra level of comfort and productivity you’re looking for.

large tractor time to upgrade

Cab size

When the space around you feels restricted, so do you. Because your health and well-being are critical productivity factors, we made the 6R Series cab bigger – by a lot. It’s now 3.30 m³. What a way to start your workday.


Seat comfort

Loosen up, relax, and recover during long work hours. End your workday refreshed in your 7R and 8R Series with features you will never want to do without again: Active Seat II with pro-active seat motion compensation, massage functionality, 65° seat-swivel, 3 foot rests plus a 6.1 sound system and integrated fridge.


A better view

The dropped hood of the 6M short frame models raises front visibility significantly. The first spot visible in front of you is just 5 m ahead. Supplemented by a 180° field of view, the 6M delivers a big visibility upgrade.**


Make the comparison yourself­

You need to experience the advantages of these machines first-hand. Customers who own tractors from competitive brands have tested our machines, see their reaction. Form your own opinion in a live demo and test drive.

*Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony (Germany) Tractor Test 2020; http://www.lwk-niedersachsen.de/

** Internal visibility tests measuring view from operator’s perspective to the front and over the hood until ground level, measuring distance starting at operator’s ground level to the point the operator’s can see the ground level. Measurement done based on Seat ISO reference, for John Deere models 6090M, 6100M, 6110M and 6120M.