Harvest Stars 2022

Choose your Harvest Star for 2022

Isn’t it time you experienced a 2022 John Deere combine? Offering an unbeatable combination of high performance, comprehensive uptime support, premium comfort and powerful precision ag tools, they will transform your harvest operation.

  • Massive Crop Throughput

    Massive Crop Throughput

  • Advanced Threshing Technology

    Advanced Threshing Technology

  • High Capacity Cleaning

    High Capacity Cleaning

  • No-Loss Slope Compensation

    No-Loss Slope Compensation

  • Comprehensive Uptime Support

    Comprehensive Uptime Support

  • First Class Comfort

    First Class Comfort

  • Precision Ag Management

    Precision Ag Management

Harvest Promise Uptime Support

Learn about one of the best uptime support in the harvest business including a back-up combine.

HDX Header Upgrade

An operator upgrades to an HDX header on his S-Series and sees a 24% performance uplift.

Enjoy substantial savings on Comfort and Precision Ag packages celebrating 75 years of combine harvester production.

  • Comfort Package: T-Series*

    - Air Compressor
    - LED Lighting Package
    - Header Extremity Lights
    - 360° LED Working Light Package
    - LED Service Light Package
    - LED Beacon
    - Kerb Mirror RH Side
    - Premium Folding Ladder
    - Hand Wash Tank

    3,000€ SAVING

    *Packages vary for T550. Please ask your dealer for details

    Comfort Package: T-Series
  • Comfort Package: S-Series

    - Air Compressor 
    - LED Lighting Package 
    - LED Beacon 
    - Kerb Mirror RH Side 
    - Premium Folding Ladder 
    - Hand Wash Tank 
    - Storage Compartment

    3,000€ SAVING

    Comfort Package: S-Series
  • Precision Ag Package: T-Series*

    - 2630 Display 
    - AutoTrac Ready 
    - AutoTrac Activation 
    - Rowsense Activation 
    - Harvest Monitor 
    - 2630 Camera Package 
    - Rear View Camera

    7,000€ SAVING

    *Packages vary for T550. Please ask your dealer for details

    Precision Ag Package: T-Series
  • Precision Ag Package: S-Series

    - Gen4 Automation Activation 
    - AutoTrac Ready 
    - Active Terrain Adjust, Combine Advisor Ready
    - Active Yield 
    - Unload Camera 
    - Rear View Camera 
    - Hitch View Camera

    5 000€ SAVING

    Precision Ag Package: S-Series
  • Draper Header Packages

    - Choose between HD-Series, RDF and 700D Draper Header
    - Different width and draper belt options
    - Optional with flex knife (RDF)
    - Built for high throughput

    5,000€ SAVING


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