Xtreme testing

To build the next generation combine we travelled to the most challenging harvesting locations around the world.

The X9 is our most tested combine. Ever.

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Global test program

Travelling to nearly 100 locations in 10 countries we used accelerated testing to benchmark the X9 against the best competitors.  Moving to the southern hemisphere as winter approached allowed us to continue our test program all year round in farms in Brazil and New Zealand.


Remote sensing data was continually fed back to our engineers at Harvester Works in North America.  Here we also operated components 24/7 in simulated extreme field conditions. Shaker stands ran multiple cleaning shoes day and night, replicating a lifetime’s use in just 5 months.

The biggest challenge for us was the ‘Baltic’s Smile’ – stretching from the east coast of the UK through northern Germany and Denmark to southern Sweden. Here the wind from the North Sea creates some of the toughest crop conditions in the world.  The top of the plants are often extremely dry but the stems remain wet and green which tests the separating and threshing systems to the limit.  It’s in these very demanding situations that the X9 excelled.


X Series xtreme-testing

Download the X9 Photos

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