The X9: The Next Dimension in Performance and Efficiency

Over 10 years in the making the X9 is the machine everyone has been talking about. Now the wait is finally over as it makes its world premiere at Agritechnica 2019. Be prepared for an experience that challenges what you have ever thought about harvesting. Higher perfomance… more efficiency… More comfort… Increased automation… And lots more!

X Series combine header
X Series combine
Agritechnica Silver Medal

Award winning efficiency

The X9 has already picked up its first independent recognition with a silver medal at Agritechnica 2019. The award recognizes the many innovations in productivity from the feederhouse, the dual rotor concept with its smooth crop flow down to the radically re-engineered chopping system. Efficiency of the engine and driveline leading to reduced fuel consumption per ton of material harvested. Together these innovations add up to a machine that delivers unrivalled efficiency without requiring constant operator input. For the owner it also means lower running costs and a step change in throughput and efficiency.

A new top performer

The X9 is an addition to our current combine lineup. In terms of performance it comes on top of the John Deere S700 single rotor combine series. The X9 is specifically designed for large arable farmers who need more harvesting capacity in small grains. To take performance to the next level we didn’t just create an all-new combine. We built a brand-new hinged frame draper header as well – fully optimized to provide perfectly balanced grain handling from field to tank. Dual-axial rotors form part of a threshing and separating system that delivers high volume grain to our largest ever cleaning system. Add to this our fully automated quality monitoring and harvest management systems and you have one of the most productive harvesting machines in the history of farming.

S700 - X9

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We’ll be releasing exclusive insights into the new X9 as we build up to the first field demonstrations in summer 2020. Get behind the scenes stories of the world’s most tested combine and the team of engineers, software programmers and designers who have re-imagined the future of harvesting.  Travelling to the four corners of the earth they have performed the most comprehensive evaluation programme of any John Deere combine in the company’s history.

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