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For the past two years the T-Series has been the remarkable champion of the Combine Challenge. The €10,000 prize is still to be won! In numerous countries across Europe the T-Series went header to header with equivalent competitor combines in the same crop…same field…same conditions…and at the same speed

Revolutionary Crop Flow

The revolutionary Tangential Plus threshing system delivers significant grain and straw quality as well as highly economical fuel consumption.

Tangetial Plus Separator

The Patented Tangential Plus rear separator has more openings, with a fully rounded profile on the wires and cross bars. This produces up to 10% more separation, compared to earlier models.

  1. Smooth ‘over-the-top crop flow’ for excellent grain and straw quality
  2. Large Active separation area – up to 4.0 m², delivering similar performance to a hybrid or rotor combine
  3. Low fuel consumption thanks to smooth crop flow
  4. Large cleaning shoe – up to 6.30 m²
  5. New sectional concave – fast crop conversion, more performance, best grain quality

Up to 10% more performance

Learn more about the T-Series

One of the most automated combine on the market today. For 2020 we are introducing several new additions to improve harvesting performance and grain quality.

ICA2 Self Adjusting Combine

  1. Set up using ICA1 so the cameras on both the tailings and grain elevator deliver a desired grain tank quality (broken grain and dirt) and loss level
  2. Turn on ICA2 to enable the combine to adjust the output to maintain the desired quality level as conditions in the field change
  3. Turn on Harvest Smart to adjust the combine’s forward speed automatically to maximise performance

New for 2020:

Software upgrades improve the performance of ICA2 even more:

– Both Harvest Smart and ICA2 interact if combine adjustments reach their limits

– Harvest Smart includes new multi-point engine and crop load sensing for fast reaction Times

Accurate Data with Active Yield

90% of operators do not carry out yield calibration due to a lack of weigh bridges nearby, etc. which means they are running with +/-15% inaccuracy. The S700's yield sensors automatically calibrate yields within 3-4% for high precision farming.

New for 2020:

– Next generation moisture sensor with improved level of accuracy

– More accurate software

Learn more about the S-Series

Grain Quality

As a result of a recent internal test conducted by John Deere, we are so confident in the grain quality of the S700, we guarantee you can achieve <1% broken grain. If not, we’ll pay you the difference in cash for the lost grain*.

Broken Grain = Invisible Losses

Broken kernels can affect your business in many ways:

  1. Penalties or deductions on the invoice for grain delivered to the elevator
  2. Poor germination rates of seeds
  3. Losses in the field

The first two do not affect the profit on every farm, but the last one does. And it does it invisibly. German scientists** found out that up to 50% of the total amount of broken grain generated by a combine ends up in the grain tank and the rest in the field. For example, on 500 ha of wheat with a yield of 8 t/ha and a price of 160 Euro/t this can add up to field losses of 12,800 Euro! As broken kernels do not germinate these losses do not leave 'green stripes' in the field so you will never know, even if you check your field the following year.

Grain Quality

Stop losing thousands of Euro in broken grain out the back!

ICA2 automatically controls the level of broken kernels and precisely maintains grain losses to pre-set limits, so you retain more profit. It uses two cameras compared to similar systems, which only use a single camera. This gives it a higher level of precision. That’s why we can guarantee grain quality and <1% broken kernels.

The future way to grow your profits is through data driven agronomic-decision-making. Thanks to our free 5 year JD Link subscription you can manage your combine remotely and all your data will be stored in the John Deere Operations Center for crop cycle analysis and job planning.


Order the Connectivity Package and, for a limited time only, we’ll give you 5 years JDLink Connect. This powerful data package includes Remote Display Access and Wireless Data transfer.

Wireless Data Transfer let’s you exchange yield and moisture maps, set-up data (client, farm, field, guidance lines, field boundaries, Autotrac settings) between the combine and the John Deere Operations Center at myjohndeere.com


All your harvest data is sent wirelessly to the Operations Center at myjohndeere. com. This cloud based data portal is the secure hub for all your machine, harvest and field data. It’s accessible via the internet from any device – computer, tablet or smartphone.


The Operations Center is now open to independent providers of agricultural and farming software. Already more than 50 companies have connected their software to use data directly from the Operations Center and more are coming on stream all the time.

Measure it. Connect it. Manage it.

Measure it. Connect it. Manage it.
700X combine header


The 700X header delivers improved flow in short crops and better reliability due to a new table design and slip clutch.

W300/W400 Series combine

W330/W440 Compact Performance

These lightweight machines deliver impressive performance in a compact package with a transport width of just 3 m.

Pre-Threshing Cylinder (PTC) for up to 20% more performance

  • 500 mm diameter threshing cylinder with 8-rasp bars for excellent grain quality
  • Separate tailings re-thresher for extra performance
  • Easy cleaning – the complete cleaning system can be dis-assembled in just 20 minutes!
  • New large cab – two people can sit comfortably side by side
  • New, ergonomically designed control lever
  • AutoTrac Universal for hands-free guidance

Learn more about the W330/W440

W300/W400 Series combine

W-Series: Harvest in Record time

Constantly refined and improved with up to 12% more performance, it’s time to take a fresh look at this latest generation of top performing walker combines.

Large Active Separation Area. High Capacity Cleaning

  • New sectional concave: fast crop conversion, 12% more performance in changing from universal to small grain concave in tough conditions
  • Large 660 mm diameter threshing cylinder with 10 rasp bars
  • Large Active separation area of up to 1.8 m² – comparable to most multi-drum competitors in this segment
  • Gentle threshing and crop flow for excellent grain and straw quality
  • Large cleaning shoe up to 6.30 m²

Learn more about the W-Series

We promise to get any parts you need within 24 hrs of placing your order. If we fail and your combine can’t harvest, your dealer will provide you with a free back-up machine of a similar size to your own***

Expert Check


A comprehensive pre-season check by certified technicians. Covers everything from wear parts to software updates.

Harvesting Professionals


Factory trained experts are on hand throughout the harvesting season to give you help and advice.

Free Back-up Machine


Annual pre-season Expert Check required by your John Deere dealer and valid on combines up to 7 years old!

24 hour parts promise


The best parts logistics network in the agricultural business, delivering 97% of orders within 24hrs.

Driver training


Refresher training so drivers are fully up to speed on combine optimisation from day one of the harvesting season.

* Only at participating John Deere dealers. See your dealer for full terms and conditions or visit our combine web page at deere.co.uk/grain-quality-guaranteed.

** Feiffer Consult, Harvest Poll, 2005 www.feiffer-consult.de

*** Only at participating John Deere dealer. A free back-up machine is available for any John Deere combine harvester up to 7 years old. To qualify it must be maintained in accordance with the operator's manual and undergo a pre-season Expert Check with any recommended repairs carried out.