V451RVariable Chamber Balers

  • High capacity, high performance 2.2 m wide feeding system
  • High Capacity Rotor: 480mm diameter converging auger
  • Adjustable bale diameter in a 1.21m bale chamber width for maximum bale weight
  • Full-width drop-floor, operated from the cab.
  • high resale value ensures lowest cost per bale


Add a lot more bales to your day, even if you call it a day a little earlier – our revolutionary Fast Release System (FRS) in conjunction with the high capacity feeding system makes it possible, to the tune of more than 120 bales per hour. Available with either the MaxiCut HC 25 Premium, the MaxiCut HC 13 Premium or RotoFlow HC Premium feeding systems, the V451R features a full frame design in which the belts are linked to the frame, not the bale chamber. The independent MaxD bale chamber sits inside the frame so that its sides can move and slide out to create the fastest release system we’ve ever built.