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Highlights of The Furrow February 2017 edition:

Poultry farmers lead the way in antibiotic reduction

Poultry farmers lead the way in antibiotic reduction

Antimicrobial resistance is a serious public health concern and livestock producers are increasingly under pressure to reduce antibiotic usage in animals. In the UK, the poultry industry is leading the way, as Olivia Cooper reports.


Grazing management in the spotlight

European dairy producers have been under intense pressure in recent years, with low milk prices eroding profitability. Many have therefore been looking to make more of their grass, in a bid to cut production costs. At the same time, there has been growing public demand for more natural, healthy food, and in some countries processors are paying a premium for grass-fed meat and dairy products.

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Tourism can benefit from local farming

Mallorca is the holiday island of Europe. 12 million holiday goers visited the Mediterranean island in 2016 alone. Four out of every five Mallorcans are working in the tourism industry today. In contrast, agriculture plays only a minor role in terms of driving job creation. Nevertheless, the inland landscape – far from the crowded coastal regions – is still characterised by traditional farming. It still remains to be seen whether these two disparate industries will be able to improve the way they work together in the future.
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