RTKPrecision Ag Technology

  • Perfect repeatability
  • High level of accuracy
  • Fast Signal Connection

RTK: Ultimate accuracy and repeatability

For precision farming, RTK is your best solution for accuracy, repeatability and pull-in time, and eliminates Global Navigation Satellite System drift.

Long Term repeatability and <1 min pull-in time
With RTK you only need to record field boundaries once. If you need this repeatability for e.g. Section Control you will not want to come back and record boundaries every year. You will save time every day: full RTK accuracy is always available from the very start. It takes less than 1 minute!

Static RTK base station

Radio RTK works with a static local base station in or near your field. This can be your own station or a station of a dealer-run network. It monitors the constellation of GPS/GLONASS satellites and continually transmits the high-accuracy +/- 2.5 cm horizontal pass-to-pass to the StarFire Receiver on the RTK-equipped vehicle. A great solution, especially if you work in wide open terrain with good line of sight to the base station.

Mobile RTK Modem 4G LTE

A mobile RTK correction signal is transmitted via cellular technology. This provides repeatable accuracy, even in scattered fields and in hilly terrain. The Mobile RTK Modem 4G LTE is fully integrated and attachable to the StarFire receiver. With two high performance antennas and the mounting position on the cab roof you have truly optimal reception and signal stability. It not only supports the latest 4G LTE mobile communication standard but also 3G as well as 2G as the fallback solution. In addition to the mobile RTK functionality, the modem can also be used in parallel as a WLAN hotspot to connect with your mobile devices.

John Deere Mobile RTK Signal

Discover the most integrated, advanced and efficient way to use RTK. The new John Deere mobile RTK signal is not only compatible with our mRTK 4G LTE Modem, but can also be received via our machines’ built-in JDLink system. This saves you the cost of separate modem hardware, extra data plans (SIM-card) and the mobile RTK access licence.

* Mobile RTK is an additional RTK technology available in selected countries