GreenStar 2 Display 1800Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

  • AutoTrac and AutoTrac Universal 200 Steering Kit compatible
  • ISOBUS machine control compatibility (virtual terminal and diagnostics)
  • Sprayer Pro functionality

The GreenStar 1800 Display – easy to follow.

Do you want outstanding flexibility, comprehensive guidance, realistic field views and ISOBUS implement control?

Then the 7-inch full-colour GreenStar 1800 Display is for you. Because it’s tailor made for the John Deere AutoTrac Universal 200 (ATU) Steering Kit, it saves you more of what you need most: time and money. It enables you to toggle between multiple home pages to monitor more than one in-field activity. It provides control of your guidance applications like Parallel Tracking or AutoTrac. In addition, the GreenStar 1800 Display supports ISOBUS machine control and Sprayer Pro.