Generation 4 DisplaysGeneration 4 integrated Displays

  • 18 or 26 cm Touchscreen
  • ISOBUS – AEF certified
  • Remote Display Access capable
  • Possible upgrade: Gen4 Premium or Gen4 Ultimate activation

4640 Universal Display

Building upon the integrated Generation 4 CommandCenter, we now also offer the portable John Deere 4640 Universal Display as well as the Gen4 Extended Monitor. All Gen4 displays are very easy and intuitive to use. They feature tablet-like swipe functionality with run pages and if needed can support you with on-screen and context based help functions. The user interface is fully customisable so you can perfectly suit the display layout to your preferences. As your farming practices and needs evolve, you can easily upgrade the Generation 4 CommandCenter 4600 Display as well as the John Deere 4640 Universal Display at any time to the Gen4 Premium or Gen4 Ultimate activation, providing you all the sophisticated features it takes for modern farming. You have the choice to tailor the solution to your individual needs.

Gen 4 Extended Monitor

If you require even more than 10" (26 cm) screen size to display multiple menus at the same time, you can simply add our Gen4 Extended Monitor. At just one glance you can e.g. view vehicle control functionalities on your primary monitor and guidance and automation applications on the Extended Monitor without having to make any changes on the display. Functionalities can be easily moved between monitors to allow you the utmost flexibility and customisation.