AutoTrac VisionAgricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

  • Spray in early-season corn from 10 cm to 15 cm
  • Profit from automated guidance during spraying even in crops that have been planted without a guidance system
  • Reduced crop damage, Spray faster at up to 30 km/h
  • Cover 20% more hectares per day

Eliminate crop damage

AutoTrac Vision* uses a front-mounted camera to see early-season corn, soya beans and cotton at least 10 cm to 15 cm high. This guidance system keeps sprayer wheels in the centre of each row and reduces yield-robbing crop damage even if planter drift causes misalignment or the guidance line from planting isn’t available at spraying.

Sprayers can be equipped to utilise AutoTrac Vision only, AutoTrac RowSense only, or both, depending on the desired operating window.

*Only available for John Deere R4023, R4030, R4038, R4045, R4630, R4730, R4830 and R4930