AutoTrac VisionAgricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

  • Spray in early-season corn from 10 cm to 15 cm
  • Profit from automated guidance during spraying even in crop that has been planted without a guidance system
  • Reduced crop damage
  • Spray faster with up to 30 km/h

John Deere’s family of guidance products is being expanded to improve the versatility of AutoTrac on 4 Series Sprayers in post-emerge application.*

AutoTrac Vision uses a front-mounted camera to see early-season corn, soybeans and cotton at least 10 cm to 15 cm high – an industry exclusive from John Deere. This guidance system keeps sprayer wheels in the centre of each row and reduces yield-robbing crop damage even if planter drift causes misalignment or the guidance line from planting isn’t available at spraying.

* Only available for John Deere R4023, R4030, R4038 and R4045 Sprayers.