AutoTrac Implement Guidance - PassivePrecision Ag Technology

  • Perfect path-to-path accuracy in rolling terrain with pull-type implements
  • Less operator stress
  • Consistent seed placement and crop growth
  • Easy to install

Automatically compensate implement drift

AutoTrac Implement Guidance – Passive solves a problem the single AutoTrac solution cannot: In uneven terrain and on slopes, the weight of your pull-type implement will cause it to drift downhill. The results are quality-reducing gaps and overlaps. Regardless of the terrain, you can now achieve highest precision standards in all your seeding, planting and tillage operations.

It works like this: A shared-signal second StarFire Receiver installed on the implement communicates the implement’s exact position to the tractor’s AutoTrac system. The tractor then changes its path to compensate for the implement drift and will get you a perfect pass-to-pass result every time. It’s an easy-to-install, low-investment package: an implement receiver, harness, and an Ultimate activation are all you need to enjoy the benefits of this solution.