Open PlatformPrecision Ag Technology

  • John Deere Operations Center connects machines of different brands
  • Capable to handle different common file formats
  • Free of charge
  • Use standard interfaces to share data with other software applications

John Deere Operations Center

The John Deere Operations Center is an open data platform for your arable farm with a John Deere or mixed fleet. Recorded agronomic data from different displays and in different data formats can be imported and analysed. For operations where you are not using a precision ag machine display, a manual documentation entry via mobile App is available. With the Operations Center you can connect your whole fleet and bring your agronomic documentation data into one system.

Open Platform for Everyone

The Operations Center is an open cloud system for importing documentation data from different sources:

  • John Deere displays
  • Manual documentation from MyJobs Mobile App
  • In ISOXML format from common ISO-displays
  • In Shape format
  • In .cn1 format from current Case displays
  • In .cn1 format from current New Holland displays
  • In .csv format from current TopCon machine displays
  • In .agdata format form current AgLeader machine displays

All imported data can be used to create reports or to analyze the data for further improvements and better understanding of the results. You can also use the data to optimize the plans for an upcoming crop season.

The data can be shared bi-directionally with 3rd party software tools for further usage of documentation data inside these tools. Data can be pulled out of your John Deere Operations Center organization and pushed into the system using standard interfaces like the John Deere API or the industry standard ADAPT developed by AgGateway.