Fleet ManagementPrecision Ag Technology

  • Less phone calls because everyone in the organization knows the machine position
  • Easier planning of schedule changes because all machines are visible at a glance

Improve Efficiency

If you farm with multiple machines and maybe even in multiple locations, you will appreciate having all recent operational information with you and accessible on mobile devices. On one map you can get a complete overview of your fields and machines, visualise the current GPS position of any of your machines and track the location history. And by setting up geo-fences you can create alerts when your machines move out of certain areas.

Remote access

At any time, you can look up machine settings, utilisation and performance data remotely and even compare some of the data across machines. If you see any performance optimisation potential, you can quickly establish a Remote Display Access session to assist operators with machine and ISOBUS implement settings. When data is visual, it makes working with it so much easier. You’ll enjoy the clarity of views that show coloured fields to let you track if work has been completed on all fields or if any of them have been missed.