AutoTrac OnlinePrecision Ag Technology

  • Quick and easy in-field display set-up
  • Automated, reliable and error-free documentation
  • Automated data back-up

Connect to reduce in-field set-up time

Connect AutoTrac to the John Deere Operations Center and carefully plan your jobs during off-season to make sure that everything goes smoothly during peak season. You can easily create, edit or delete display set-up data like clients, farms and fields, boundaries, guidance lines or machine and implement off-sets in your personal Operations Center account.

Import new field boundaries

Import new field boundaries

New field boundaries can be easily imported from a subsidy application portal or farm management software via shapefile. You can also draw them online or modify any existing boundaries, which is a great help for first time field localisation, especially if you contract or use seasonal employees. When you’re done you can wirelessly send all data to the machines you select at the push of a button – eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual set-up on multiple displays in the field. When you approach a new field, the related client, farm and field data will automatically be detected. Upon confirmation, the boundaries are loaded, and the preferred guidance line can be chosen from a pre-populated list. Finally, your display data is always backed up.