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1470E IT4Harvester

Features & Specs

  • For the most demanding of applications
  • Power and precision with a choice of harvester heads
  • Powerful and far reaching CH8 harvester boom
  • Levelling and rotating cab
New twin-pump hydraulic system210 cc and 180 cc
Boom reach8,6 /10/11 m
Engine power255 hp
Harvester head optionsH270, H480C, H415 and H290

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    1470E Harvester


    When Size Matters

    The John Deere 1470E is built for the most demanding of applications; steep terrain and big timber are no match for the awesome power and productivity of Deere´s flagship model.
    Powered by a 9 litre Deere engine, the 1470E also boasts an 11m reach boom and an extreme duty transmission to push the big machine where others can only dream. Operator comfort is guaranteed in the levelling & rotating cabin while the Timbermatic control system provides the intelligence to optimise your business.

    The new EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/ EU Stage IIIB John Deere E-Series Harvesters take timber harvesting to the next level of productivity and efficiency. Fill them up, jump in, and go – the power of our green engines and intelligent twin-pump hydraulics is as simple as that!

    Clean engine power
    John Deere PowerTechTM Plus IT4 engines utilize the proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) platform for NOx control with the addition of an exhaust filter for reducing particulate matter (PM). This diesel-only solution delivers best-in-class total fuel economy per harvested m3.

    Efficient hydraulics
    Boom handling at its best – quick to adjust, snappy, and accurate to control.

    The advanced hydraulic power solution utilizes two open-loop pumps – one for harvester-head and transmission control, with a second for harvester-head and boom control – for highly efficient, simultaneous steering, boom, and wood-processing control.

    New TimberMatic H-12 control system
    The TimberMatic H-12 is a reliable and easy-to-use E-Series Harvester control system. Including measuring, bucking, and basic machine-adjustment functions.

    A configurable user interface, shortcut keys, operator-specific adjustments, and interactive selections all help synchronize operating parameters.

    Your success is our business.
    With your business in mind, the new IT4 Harvesters have been loaded with innovative solutions. Our exclusive and technologically advanced machine-control and power-management systems enable best-in-class boom and harvester-head performance, helping you unleash your earnings potential.

    Reliable and durable John Deere E-Series Harvesters help make your logging operation – and your bottom line – a whole lot stronger. And they’re backed by cost-efficient remote machine monitoring and the worldwide network of John Deere dealer service.

    CH9 Boom

    CH9 boom


    The new CH9 boom boosts the effectiveness of the 1470E IT4 harvester to create something extremely powerful and productive.
    The excellent stability of the basic machine enables the full capacity of the boom to be used even at maximum reach. The CH9 boom is available in three reach options: 8.6 m, 10 m and 11 m.


    The structural solution of the CH9 boom is new: the turning cylinders are mounted in parallel to the harvester body which improves the layout of cables and hoses, forward visibility is improved, wear and tear is minimised and the new location of the valve assembly gives improved access for maintenance and measurement.


    The look and feel of the CH9 boom is superb: Controlling the powerful CH9 boom is easy and accurate and, because the boom tip movements are faster and smoother, it feels stronger than the previous model adding to the pleasant user experience. The tilt angle at the front is increased to improve performance on steep slopes.

    The turning cylinders on the CH9 are more powerful and stronger and the turning torque is increased by 7%, boom accuracy is enhanced, movements are easy to control and the overall user experience is excellent. The lifting torque has been increased from 210 kNm all the way up to 225 kNm and the 1,550 kg net lifting capacity at 10 meters has been increased to 1,700 kg. Structurally, the loader is a lot more robust and simple which means more reliable processing of large trunks.