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1270E IT4Harvester

Features & Specs

  • Powerful, versatile and productive
  • Power and precision with a choice of harvester heads
  • CH7 harvester boom
  • Comfortable operator environment
New twin-pump hydraulic system190 cc and 180cc
Boom reach8,6 /10/11,7 m
Engine power6W: 228 hp; 8W: 255 hp
Harvester head optionsH754, H413, H414, H270, H480C and H415



The Benchmark for All Harvesters
Since its introduction in 1996, the 1270 harvester has dominated harvester sales worldwide - setting the standards for others to follow.

The latest 1270 from Deere is the most powerful and productive yet, benefiting from the large 9.0 litre engine and the all new Deere CH7 harvester boom, the 1270E offers levels of performance normally reserved for larger size class harvesters. The 1270E offers the ultimate in versatility - tremendous power and production for even the most demanding clear fell operations yet manoeuvrable enough to operate in final thinning operations.

The new EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/ EU Stage IIIB John Deere E-Series Harvesters take timber harvesting to the next level of productivity and efficiency. Fill them up, jump in, and go – the power of our green engines and intelligent twin-pump hydraulics is as simple as that!

Clean engine power
John Deere PowerTechTM Plus IT4 engines utilize the proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) platform for NOx control with the addition of an exhaust filter for reducing particulate matter (PM). This diesel-only solution delivers best-in-class total fuel economy per harvested m3.

Efficient hydraulics
Boom handling at its best – quick to adjust, snappy, and accurate to control.

The advanced hydraulic power solution utilizes two open-loop pumps – one for harvester-head and transmission control, with a second for harvester-head and boom control – for highly efficient, simultaneous steering, boom, and wood-processing control.

New TimberMatic H-12 control system
The TimberMatic H-12 is a reliable and easy-to-use E-Series Harvester control system. Including measuring, bucking, and basic machine-adjustment functions.

A configurable user interface, shortcut keys, operator-specific adjustments, and interactive selections all help synchronize operating parameters.

Your success is our business.
With your business in mind, the new IT4 Harvesters have been loaded with innovative solutions. Our exclusive and technologically advanced machine-control and power-management systems enable best-in-class boom and harvester-head performance, helping you unleash your earnings potential.

Reliable and durable John Deere E-Series Harvesters help make your logging operation – and your bottom line – a whole lot stronger. And they’re backed by cost-efficient remote machine monitoring and the worldwide network of John Deere dealer service.



8 wheels

8 wheel option for 1270E harvester

The unprecedented stability and climbing ability of the 8-wheel John Deere 1270E harvester has been proven by customers across Europe - in the UK, Austria, Germany and Finland among others.

“Excellent climbing ability with unbelievable downhill stability.”
“The machine simply doesn’t give up.”
“It is simply the best machine yet.”

The 8-wheel option is especially designed for steep slope and soft soil conditions. It is designed and proven for being capable of climbing and operating in previously unimaginable terrain. Its 8W drive keeps the ground in grip and gives the machine unforeseen stability even in the most difficult conditions. This new option offers more power, higher ground clearance, large approach angle, and strong Duraxle bogie axles with customized balancing gear units for excellent climbing ability and traction.

The 8-wheeled 1270E shares the same IT4 engine unit as the current 1470E harvester, and the increase in power also delivers level of production previously unseen in this size-class. The out beatable work ergonomics with the rotating and leveling cabin have convinced the customers working in difficult terrain.

Read more test user comments from In The Forest magazine.


John Deere 1270E with 8 wheels