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Specialty Tractors

Speciality Tractors

Access all Areas: the perfect choice for speciality farming applications:

5G Series: 57 - 74kW (75 – 100hp)*
Utility Tractors

Utility Tractors

Made to measure: five different tractors – each with a wide range of options to meet your exact needs:

5E 3cyl. Series: 40.5 – 55kW (55 - 75hp)*
5M Series: 51 – 74kW (70 – 100hp)*
5R Series: 66.6 – 91.9kW (90 – 125hp)*
Mid Tractors Mid Tractors

Mid Tractors

The new 6MC, 6M, 6RC and 6R Series Tractors are packed full of useful features that increase your performance and productivity:

6MC Series: 66-81 kW (90-110hp)*
6M Series: 85 – 125kW (115 – 170hp)**
6RC Series: 74-88 kW (100-120hp)**
6R Small and Mid Frame Series
Large Tractors

Large Tractors

R Evolution: the R Series tractors introduce cutting edge PowerTech PVX and PSS engines with GreenEfficiency fuel economy and uncompromising power:

6R Large Frame: 158 – 188 kW (215–255hp)
7R Series: 177 – 250kW (240 – 340hp)**
8R/8RT Series: 206 – 298kW (280 – 405hp)**
9R/9RT Series: 302 - 412 kW (410 - 560 hp)**
9RX Series: 346 - 456 kW (470 - 620 hp)**
Non AG Tractors

Tractors for NON-AG Applications

John Deere offer you a wide range of tractors each with numerous options that you can adapt to meet your individual requirements for non-ag applications:

Tractors for Winter Service
Tractors for Forest and Wood Maintenance
Tractors for Urban and Commercial Landscaping
Tractors for Construction Industry and Road Building

Tractors Manuals, Catalogs and Diagrams

Find the exact document to replace a part, an attachment or maintain your tractor. Over 10,000 documents at your fingertips.

*   Rated Power 97/68EC

** Rated Power 97/68EC with Intelligent Power Management