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Broadcast Applications


Ground Speed

Forward speed of the spraying machine should be measured accurately. Speed can be determined if it is known how long it takes to drive a measured distance:

Application Rate

Read the pesticide label closely to determine an appropriate spray application rate. If a range of acceptable application rates is listed, choose a rate that best matches your situation.

Solution Density

When spraying liquids that have a different specific gravity than water, multiply GPA (or L/ha) by the conversion factor so that you can choose the right spray tip to use.

Droplet Size

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) developed the ASABE S572 standard to measure and interpret spray quality from tips. An important performance characteristic of a spray tip is both size and variation of droplets.

Broadcast Applications

Broadcast Applications

When a product needs to be applied to an entire field or area, a broadcast spray tip should be used to ensure good spray uniformity. The result is a uniform application of spray across the treated area.