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John Deere - the worlds leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of forest machines.

Our comprehensive range of purpose built forestry equipment offers professional loggers an unrivalled choice of machinery. However, at John Deere we recognise that the machine is only part of the story and strive to offer the most committed, dedicated and smartest support in the industry. The dense forests of the UK & Ireland represent some of the toughest logging conditions on earth and our equipment, backed-up by our support teams, have dominated this market for over twenty years.

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H413 harvester head

New videos of H413 and H415 harvester heads

Look at the productive harvester heads in action. H413 for thinning and H415 for more heavy work and crooked trees.


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Forerunner in Forest Machine business

Forerunner in Forest Machines

Every year John Deere invests a significant amount in product development. With a long and successful history, John Deere forest machines represent the newest technology in the industry. In addition to the rotating cabin, one of the most recent innovations is the Intelligent Boom Control.

Intelligent Boom Control, a unique solution for boosting the productivity of forwarders.
We keep your machine running.

Productivity and uptime

In addition to products, John Deere invests in services to help keep your forest machinery productive and your operating costs under control with proactive maintenance. The majority of our service & maintenance takes place in the forest, supported by our fleet of strategically placed mobile workshops, guaranteeing you prompt, efficient service regardless of your location. This expert network, together with the several TimberCare-products help keep your productivity and uptime at a maximum.

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Used machines can be a good alternative to a new.

Used equipment

A used machine is sometimes the best solution. If you need more machinery, but do not want to invest in a new machine, you can find a good alternative from our used equipment offering. Through our retail and dealer network, we can offer used equipment of all makes and models for different needs. The inventories keep changing, but if we don’t have what you need now, you can send us an inquiry and we will keep a lookout for you.

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Emissions solutions from John Deere


Regulatory authorities have set tough standards to reduce the emission levels of off-highway diesel engines. As an innovator in the off-highway use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and the variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), John Deere is able to build on the established success of our PowerTech diesel engines.

Emissions solutions