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Residential Equipment Offers

Up to 4 Years* Protection

Up to 4 Years* Protection
Up to 4 Years* Protection
X300 and X500 with built-in peace of mind

We couldn’t think of a way to improve our X300 and X500 Series lawn tractors, so we improved the customer warranty instead. As before, it still covers unlimited hours for the first two years, but now, if you clock up fewer than 300 hours (X300 models) or 500 hours (X500 models) during that period, you will receive a special further third and fourth year guarantee provided by your dealer. This runs until you reach that figure or the fourth year, whichever comes first. Just one more reason to upgrade to John Deere quality!

* The machine must be serviced by a John Deere dealer according to the maintenance schedule of the Operator Manual using only original John Deere parts. Subject to max. 300 hour usage on X300 Series, max. 500 hour usage on X500 Series.